Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What time is it?
  2. Anything good on tonight?
  3. Hey, what are you reading?
  4. Do I have to finish this?
  5. You gonna finish that?
  6. What made you think you could eat that in one bite?
  7. We there yet?
  8. That your real hair color?
  9. How do you clear your browser history?
  10. Did you check on the kids?
  11. That all you got?
  12. Does this look infected?
  13. Can you turn that up, please?
  14. You know how to tie a bow tie?
  15. What page are you on?
  16. You wash your hands?
  17. Can you just please stop talking?
  18. Can I just wait in the car?
  19. Is this your pen?
  20. Wha?
  21. Can I have dessert?
  22. Does she know you saw her doing that?
  23. Can I put you on hold?
  24. You grow up in a barn?
  25. Have you seen my shoes?
  26. How can you eat that?
  27. Was that you?
  28. You brush your teeth?
  29. Why were you having lunch with your ex?
  30. Can you keep my name out of it?
  31. If you’re just gonna fall asleep, can I have the remote?
  32. Can you swing by the drugstore while you’re out?
  33. You ever heard of the Pixies?
  34. Why won’t she email me back?
  35. You kiss your mother with that mouth?
  36. Does this taste spoiled to you?
  37. If I give you the $27 in my purse, will you please stop saying “whatevs”?
  38. Should I tell her that he’s cheating again?
  39. What is so difficult about chewing with your mouth closed?
  40. Can you just wait in the car?
  41. You have any money in your wallet?
  42. Would it have killed you to ask for directions?
  43. Is this mole new?
  44. What the hell is wrong with you?
  45. You about done?
  46. Who the fuck is Nancy?
  47. You think maybe there’s a reason no one else thinks you’re funny?
  48. Wait, was this a TV show or actual people you know?
  49. Did you hear that?
  50. Hear what?
  51. Seriously, how could you ask me that?
  52. Can you turn that down?
  53. When did you stop eating white bread?
  54. What did you just say to me?
  55. Remember when we went to that lake and it was beautiful?
  56. How was I supposed to know the cookies were for company?
  57. How much longer you gonna be in there?
  58. C’mon, why won’t you tell me what’s wrong?
  59. How can you tell when potato salad goes bad?