New Jay Stringer


The lovely and talented Jay Stringer has a new novel coming out, and you’re going to love it. I dug it when I read it in draft form a while back and Booklist loved it, too. Starred review and all. Well, get on with it, then.

 Archaeologist-turned-relic-runner Marah Chase, who’s acquired a “reputation” in the Middle East, rationalizes that the antiquities she recovers and sells on the black market are at least saved and not destroyed. She’s running for her life in war-torn Syria, nearly killed by her old friend and former colleague Ryan Wallace, but manages to escape to Israel, where she is promptly arrested. High-level MI6 agent Joanna Mason offers Marah freedom if she’ll find the lost tomb of Alexander the Great and destroy the horrific weapon of mass destruction it reputedly contains. >> READ MORE >>