How to Stream Thousands of Free Movies Using Your Library Card


I read Peter Heller’s The River through OverDrive on my e-reader, thanks to my library card. (The novel was wonderful, despite its rushed ending.)

I’ve also got Hoopla installed, and use RB Digital to read The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, and more.

I mean, I know a little something about using apps/programs to digitally enjoy what my local library has to offer.

And yet, the first I heard of Kanopy was a chat last week with Jedidiah Ayres for the 7 Minutes With podcast. In his newsletter, Warren Ellis had suggested Two Years at Sea, and it was right there on Kanopy. For free. Which is good, because it was pretty unfindable other places I looked.

More of the why and where and how-to is here, NYTimes