Marisa Anderson should be in your earholes

Marisa Anderson (@MarisaMusic) is called an “experimental” guitarist, though I confess I don’t know what folks mean by that. The Portland, Oregon musician is an amazing guitarist.

Above is a great little set she did at NPR and here’s an interview she did at BOMB.

What is the sonic equivalent of a cloud? And how does a cloud seem to both hold form and change shape? I was working a lot with the technical puzzle of trying to make a piece of music that moved but didn’t move, simultaneously tangible and ephemeral. I think I got the closest to realizing that intention with “Pulse.” What about the clouds of spray off the back of an ocean wave? I was trying to conjure those using reverb and tremolo throughout the record. And yes, with “Angel’s Rest” or “Sanctuary” I hoped to evoke the form that arises and dissipates even as it is taking shape.

You can find out more about her at her own bandcamp site.