The discipline of Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel

An author profile in Glamour magazine? Yeah.

Not Nicholas Sparks? Yeah.

A wonderful 1,500-word profile of Danielle Steel? Yeah.

If they’d set the over/under on her output at 100 books, I’d have taken the under. I think most of us would have. Well, she’s written 179 books. I’ve read as many of her books as she’s read of mine, but I’m beginning to think I’m really missing out.

This profile in Glamour is all kinds of amazing. She says she writes for 20 hours a day.

“I keep working. The more you shy away from the material, the worse it gets. You’re better off pushing through and ending up with 30 dead pages you can correct later than just sitting there with nothing.”

Two more great quotes from the piece:

“About 10 years ago someone asked me, ‘Oh, do you have an agent?’ I mean, do they think I stand on the street corner and try to sell this shit?”

and the kicker

“Someone said to me, ‘Are you still writing?’ And I wanted to say, ‘I guess you don’t read The New York Times.'”

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